Friday, June 2, 2023

The 1980s Satanic Panic and Transgenderism Today

 From American Greatness:

The Satanic panic created the “Believe the Children” movement. No matter how insane and improbable the claims—and read that list from above, it was insane—their stories must be believed. This is fully mimicked in the supposed explosion of transgender children. Help them mutilate themselves—with abundant coaching from the industry—or they will commit suicide and the blood will be on your hands.

On the transgender front, these kids are forever cash cows as they will be taking expensive drugs—and probably using mental health services—for the rest of their lives.

In 1983 “Dr. Roland Summit publishes an article about Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome, which convinces many therapists and prosecutors that if a child denies that anything happened to him or her, they are hiding the truth.” Read that again. No matter what the child says, unless they support the insanity, they are hiding the truth.

Again, doesn’t this sound just like what is happening with the transgender craze? (Read more.)


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