Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Crooks, Torturers and Terrorists

 From Conservative Woman:

THE World Health Organization (WHO) is no longer the shadowy organisation it once was, thanks to the publicity around its sinister Pandemic Treaty and the equally draconian International Health Regulations. Dominated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), this UN subsidiary is propped up by voluntary contributions from member states and donors, including hidden, self-interested parties wielding great influence.

James Roguski’s recent Substack piece on last year’s top ten funders of the WHO is illuminating. The WHO has net assets of $5.02billion. In 2022, its revenue was $4.354billion, with 80 per cent of its budget coming from voluntary contributions. The US is its biggest donor, paying $739million. President Joe Biden has a habit of handing over taxpayers’ money to the WHO. In 2021, using Covid-19 as an excuse, he gave it an extra $200million on top of billions already paid by his administration to be a big player there. 

Also financing this increasingly dangerous organisation is the hellishly woke state of Canada. Germany and the European Commission are in the top ten list of its supporters. Britain is the sixth largest financier of the WHO, giving it more than $135million in 2021, and increasing it to $169million in 2022, money our economically failing country cannot afford. Unbeknown to the average taxpayer is that Britain is also one of the UN’s biggest funders, having given it billions, including the compulsory membership fee of $125.6million last year. Yet this is but a fraction of what Britain pays through substantial voluntary contributions to other UN subsidiaries such as the Human Rights Council and the Relief and Works Agency (UNWRA). It’s difficult to surmise how this benefits us, especially since the government has to borrow money, adding to the trillions of UK debt, to fund this ‘foreign aid’ spending. 

Non-state members on the WHO donors’ list include the World Bank and UNICEF, another UN subsidiary to which Britain gave $257million to in 2021. The BMGF and its offshoot, Gavi The Vaccine Alliance, are consistently massive financiers of the WHO, providing for themselves a perfect vehicle to enforce vaccine zealotry, and consequently harvesting a huge profit. 

In giving the WHO $85million Iran, the world’s foremost exporter of terrorism, made the list for the first time. The West’s capitulation to the mullahs of Tehran, and their new best friend, China, means that these heinous regimes in the club of the WHO now spread their malignancy unhindered. 

As Roguski points out, very little of the WHO’s billions reaches those in need. Most of the money is spent on salaries, suspicious ‘contractual services’ and jollies to exotic places for UN staff. While most of the world got poorer last year, the WHO increased its wealth and is about to become even richer after voting for a 20 per cent increase in funding at its latest assembly in Geneva.

The corruption in the WHO accelerated six years ago with the election of its director general, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian suspected of genocide. Ghebreyesus was quietly re-elected by member states in 2022, and wasted no time in giving the Rockefeller Foundation, which has funded the WHO for over 70 years, a seat at the table. Using its elevated status there, the Foundation plans on developing genomic surveillance, augmenting the draconian International Health Regulations. 

Ghebreyesus isn’t the only troublesome force at the WHO, which is governed by an executive board elected for three-year terms by member states and which is responsible for determining its agenda. Most have questionable qualifications in health. The board is chaired by Qatar, a country run on slave labour, which persecutes journalists and women, and harbours Islamist terrorist groups such as Hamas. One of the board’s vice-chairs is Paraguay, a state in effect controlled by a military junta which tortures prisoners and is marred by a corrupt judiciary and government-sanctioned harassment of journalists and indigenous peoples. (Read more.)


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