Monday, June 26, 2023

Decadent Elites Plunge America Into Political Crisis

 From American Greatness:

Trump’s supporters are the regime’s helots, the “deplorables” consigned to sweat and toil for a government that openly hates them as they are gradually wiped out by an endless stream of more compliant foreign replacements. They have no reason not to support Trump because the alternative is to be governed like vassals.

When Biden hung the banner of “Pride” from the White House balcony, he was merely making formal the implicit. It was received like the taunt that it obviously was. These humiliations are now a normal part of daily life for the Christians and downwardly mobile middle-class whites who comprise the core of Trump’s base, and who are increasingly unable to recognize the country of their birth.

One needn’t be a fire-and-brimstone type to see a spiritual aspect in the grotesque spectacle that has become of the United States. There are neighborhoods in our cities that resemble scenes from Dante’s Inferno. But as in any oligarchy, the world of fabulous privilege is just a short distance from the mad hell of chaos and disorder. The elites live secure from the evils they midwife, leaving the innocent to face the penalty while they collect their rewards. 

The White House is occupied by a venal, sleazy puppet whose sordid crimes have been covered up by the “free press.” The law is deployed to harass and terrorize people like Daniel Penny, the former Marine who was indicted (just a day after Trump was arrested by his political opponent) for restraining a deranged vagrant from attacking bystanders. Penny is no radical ideologue, but he didn’t need to be to provoke the regime. It was enough for him to have attempted to do the right thing. (Read more.)


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