Monday, June 26, 2023

John Winant and Sarah Churchill

 From New England Historical Society:

He was a liberal Republican who supported the New Deal. He stumped throughout New Hampshire at church dinners and Grange halls on behalf of the “Townsend Plan,” which became Social Security. In 1941, President Roosevelt appointed him U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom to replace Joseph P. Kennedy, who wanted to appease Hitler rather than fight.

Roosevelt called the idealistic Winant ‘Utopian John.’ He was rich, handsome, likable, gentle, dreamy — and doomed by his hopeless love affair with Sarah Churchill. In London John Winant fell under the spell of Winston Churchill and his family. He worked tirelessly with the prime minister to support Britain during the war. When news of Pearl Harbor broke, Winant and Churchill danced around the room together, excited by the inevitable entry of the United States into the conflict. He visited Churchill nearly every weekend at his Chequers country estate. Winant was fond of all the Churchills, and they of him. Sarah Churchill visited Chequers every weekend, too, drawn to her powerful father and the great events unfolding around him. (Read more.)

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