Monday, June 5, 2023

Biden Family is Being Protected by a Dual System of Government

 From Just the News:

Former President Donald Trump says President Joe Biden and his family are being protected by an unfair justice system in the United States. Trump made the comment Thursday night during a Fox News Channel town hall-style event in which he zeroed in on the content of the hard drive of a laptop owned by Biden's son, Hunter Biden.

"When you look at all of this criminality, like the laptop has so much stuff on it," Trump told host Sean Hannity. "It’s so bad. It's so evil. And yet, they don’t want to do anything."

The first son's laptop was abandoned and recovered in a Delaware repair shop and contains information about his questionable overseas business dealings, in part when his father was vice president. (Read more.)


Biden is starting to scare everyone: From MSN:

 The forty-sixth president was seemingly enjoying a sunny, breezy day at the Air Force Academy in Colorado. Wearing the blue Air Force hat, staring blankly at the graduates as they came up to receive their diploma, President Joe Biden looked as though he was overcome by a random though, he pivoted on stage, and went to jog to the other side of the stage, and before he could reach his destination, the forty-sixth president was down on the floor.

More troublingly, Biden couldn’t stand up again. He needed the help of two Secret Service agents and an Air Force officer. 

As cameras zoomed in to get a better angle on the fallen president—who was clearly confused and panicked as he could not stand up quickly from the fall—many of the Air Force graduates leaving the stage with their diplomas in hand were smirking.

America’s great-grandfather had fallen. He was spastically trying to stand.

With China breathing down America’s strategic throats in the Indo-Pacific in which war between the United States and China may erupt at any moment of Taiwan. During a time in which Iran is supposedly plotting more gruesome attacks on US forces still lingering in Syria and North Korea prepares for another “satellite” launch. Biden couldn’t even garner the respect of his own Air Force graduates. 

At least half the country cheered his fall while the other half is so blinded by partisanship, they’re denying the severity of the event while admonishing (and trying to cancel) anyone who dares to even bring up the president’s recent fall. But it is something that needs to be brought up. (Read more.)


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