Monday, September 19, 2022

Why an American Girl Mourns the Passing of the Queen

 From American Greatness:

Queen Elizabeth II did not demand respect by staging large publicity stunts or seeking to be a celebrity or making herself the center of attention. Rather, she spoke of duty, acted on it and maintained through many national and personal crises an aspect of dignity and grace. She always reminded me what it meant to be a good leader and a lady. 

The queen stood out in a culture full of people obsessed with drawing attention to themselves. While her family was constantly in the spotlight (by choice or not) the queen always kept herself composed. While some took issue with the way the queen, throughout her life, has declined to comment on personal issues I can’t help thinking it is the epitome of noble. Oftentimes politicians and people in the media degrade themselves by making everything that ought to be personal public or, in various ways, destroying their dignity. 

Despite being one of the most powerful women in the world, Queen Elizabeth II did not consider using her power to excuse bad behavior. She held herself to a higher standard, even when those she loved fell short. She did not flinch when the inevitable criticism came. She just carried on and kept her dignity intact. She understood her duty as a head of a state. She never pushed for a glamorous life.

As a young adult today, many women look past the queen and romanticize the life of Diana, instead. I don’t understand it. While I have no strong negative opinion of Diana, her tragic life is not a model of the kind of dignity to which women should aspire. Queen Elizabeth II offers a better alternative, though perhaps she was never as flashy or glamorous. She showed, by her example, what heads of state and people who have the burden of being thrust into the limelight should do. Her job was to look after what was best for the commonwealth. Not to turn her life into a perpetual season of “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” She understood her duties first, and led with reason, not emotion. That is something I have incredible respect for because, let’s face it, growing up that is not something I saw much of stateside. (Read more.)


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