Monday, September 12, 2022

Jackal and Hyde

 From The Wine Press:

jackal | noun | ‘ja kǝl | 2b: a person who serves or collaborates with another, especially in the commission of base acts.

My fellow Americans and my brothers and sisters in Christ: We have a jackal in the White House.

My soul seethed tonight as Joe Biden, standing in front of a drenched-red Independence Hall as if to conjure images of Stalin’s reunion tour, once again warned our country of the most threatening enemy to our democracy: Me.

If only his barely coherent speeches employed a modicum of uniformity, I could perhaps decipher which name tag to don. But it is the subtle craftiness of the serpent to use sweeping, nondescript collectivist pejoratives to cast the widest and most indiscriminate net possible.

If you bookend the 2021 inaugural speech with today’s back-to-school brotherly love speech, our dollar store dictator can’t seem to consistently identify this perilous anti-constitutional assailant who looks and thinks like me.  

In a succession of speeches, Ol’ Uncle Joe has entreated the nation to not see me as an individual but rather as a member of a sinful tribe of the most sordid ilk: White supremacists, Christian nationalists, domestic terrorists, right-wing extremists, vaccine-hesitant, semi-fascists, and deniers of both the election and the climate. 

And tonight, Joltin’ Joe revealed the next card in his identitarian Rolodex: MAGA Republican.  

Bless me, Father, for Biden told me I have sinned. It has been three speeches since my last confession.

Notice how Joe never takes the time to carefully clarify who these enemy combatants are. This is all part of the simulation because if he spoke in specifics, even his most hypnotized followers would realize they couldn’t fill a minor league ball field with these deplorables. (Hillary’s use of basket was aptly chosen based on seating capacity.)

This is why Biden’s collectivist rhetoric is so eerily disturbing and recklessly dangerous. Once a significant percentage of the citizenry can be labeled treacherous and inferior, the catastrophe of identitarian collectivism has taken root. Whether it be Soviet dissidents, Jewish vermin, Tutsi cockroaches, or MAGA Republicans, dehumanization and cultural extermination have been initiated.

The serpent always hopes you see the forest and not the trees. (Read more.)


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