Wednesday, September 7, 2022

The Cathar Trail

 In the footsteps of the "Bons Hommes" or "Good Men," keeping in  mind that the castles used by the Cathars were built by Catholics. From California18:

Mountains, rivers, gorges, citadels, castles, salt marshes… The Cathar trail or “path of the good men” is a splendid hiking route that links Ariège to Aude, the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean. By taking this mythical route, this new episode of the “100 Places to See” takes us along with local guides, all attached to their land, in a region steeped in the history of these Cathars who dared to defy the Church. in the thirteenth century. First stop, Foix, the capital of Ariège, and its imposing 12th century fortress (photo) remained impregnable, even for the famous and cruel Simon de Montfort who tried, in vain, to seize it in 1211.

But this territory of character, which will impose itself as the high place of Occitan resistance, is not only fortresses and fights. The Ariège, the river that crosses it, thus carries gold. “The prettiest nugget found weighed the equivalent of 18 grams”, tells us gold miner David Bruno. According to legend, he adds, the thin film of precious metal covering the Holy Grail comes from there. The walk continues in the Aude, at Alet-les-Bains, renowned for the remains of its Benedictine abbey, Notre-Dame d’Alet, which was considered the most beautiful and largest in the south of France and whose the ocher color is reminiscent of Petra. We then leave this small medieval village where Nostradamus would have stayed in his youth (Read more.)


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