Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Musings from Chestnut Cottage

 From Victoria:

Almost all successful celebrations leave guests reminiscing for months—even years—to come. When asked to hold an important charity dinner at her home in North Carolina, Kathryn didn’t hesitate in enthusiastically agreeing. Her passion for hospitality led the way as she meticulously planned the tricky seating chart, delectable menu, and elegant table settings.

To her pleasant surprise and honor, guests included the state’s governor, and with him, his team of personal security. Despite the obstacles, Kathryn faced the task at hand with grace and ensured that each security member was served a meal and given a seat, despite initial objections. “If you’re at my house, you’re going to eat! And you’re going to eat the same thing the governor eats,” she fondly remembers.

When planning a get-together begins to feel challenging, Kathryn encourages hosts to utilize caterers and florists as helpful alternatives to designing an event alone. With the weight of each responsibility delegated, once-in-a-lifetime memories can be crafted into the most cheerful dinner table stories your future guests will enjoy for ages. (Read more.)


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