Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Tobit Teaches Truth on Marriage & Family

 From Catholic Exchange:

In the midst of so much turmoil in our world, especially with regard to the primary cell of society—the family, the Book of Tobit offers us invaluable lessons.

The key or linchpin that serves to purify, ennoble and save two families experiencing very serious problems is the intervention of a person whose name is Raphael.

In fact Raphael is an angelic person, whose name can be interpreted as God heals or Medicine of God. You might even title Raphael as the Angelic Physician.

Two Monumental Problems: The Intervention Of Raphael. All families have problems; this is part of the common lot of humanity. However, there are different ways to react towards problems. We can react by giving into despair, or we can entrust our problems to God and rely on God’s overlying strength.

First Problem: Tobit’s affliction with blindness. A very good man, Tobit left his meal to attend to those who were afflicted and dying. After affording the dead proper burial and exhausted, Tobit falls asleep with his eyes open and birds let their droppings fall into his eyes. Despite the good will and efforts of Doctors, the poor Tobit’s eyes go from bad to worse and he ends up totally blind. The loss of his sight causes Tobit unspeakable pain and anguish. He even ends up having a heated quarrel with his wife, adding greater suffering to his affliction. (Read more.)


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