Thursday, June 30, 2022

Madame Alexander's Marie-Antoinette Doll

 From The Sun:

The Madame Alexander Doll Company was founded by Beatrice Alexander in New York City in 1923. Since then, many kids (and adults) have collected the dolls - and you may be sitting on a goldmine depending on when it's from. Yesterday, the toys got attention in an episode of The Kardashians as Kris Jenner encouraged her daughter Khloe to get "all of them" while in a shop. She noted that they're her favorite dolls but very hard to find. Certain classic Madame Alexander dolls - especially those from the 1950s - can be worth thousands.

According to auction house Theriault’s, a doll in a blue period gown with the original box from 1951 once sold for $25,000. It was said to be "an exceptionally rare example that is perfectly-preserved", with a high cheek color. Meanwhile, a Marie Antoinette example has sold at auction for $20,000. (Read more.)

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