Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Wrongfully Convicted

 From The Daily Wire:

A man who spent 16 years in prison for a rape based on a faulty identification and junk science has finally been cleared. Anthony Broadwater was convicted of the 1981 rape of award-winning author Alice Sebold, who detailed the alleged crime in her 1999 memoir, “Lucky.” Sebold had written that she was a first-year student at Syracuse in May 1981 when she was raped. Sebold, who is white, claimed she saw a black man months later and believed he was her attacker.

“He was smiling as he approached. He recognized me. It was a stroll in the park to him; he had met an acquaintance on the street,” Sebold wrote. “‘Hey, girl,’ he said. ‘Don’t I know you from somewhere?’”

She said she said nothing in return.

“I looked directly at him. Knew his face had been the face over me in the tunnel,” she wrote. (Read more.)


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