Friday, December 3, 2021

Escape from Boko Haram

 From The Christian Post:

She asked God to “please allow me to see my family once more and I promise to follow you for the rest of my life.” According to Bishara, “He came through five minutes later because one of their cars was not moving so they decided to go fix it because we were [too] far from town for them to go back and steal another car.”

The car malfunction kept the terrorists occupied, thereby giving Bishara an opportunity to escape that did not come without risks: “While I was in the truck, I heard a voice say ‘jump’ and then I looked down and it was scary of course.”

“So it was just all scary and I was deciding should I jump, should I not and a voice in my head is battling with another voice saying, ‘If you jump, you’re going to die.’ And the other one is saying, ‘Jump,’ so I had to decide should I jump or should I not? I ended up coming to a conclusion that even if I jump and then I get injured or die, at least my parents will find me here or my corpse and bury me knowing I am dead, rather than to go with these people and never be seen ever again.”

Bishara believed that her mom “would not be OK knowing … thinking about me, if I am OK every single day, that would be a torture for her, so I decided to jump and die.” And so she jumped from the truck.

“So when I jumped out and I fell on my belly, realizing I was still breathing, I got up and started sprinting … and I ran for the rest of the night,” she said. Upon arriving in a village, Bishara ran into two other girls from the school she attended in Chibok who had also jumped out of the truck. They all asked for assistance from a farmer, who took them back to Chibok.

Bishara’s speech followed ICC’s designation of Nigeria as one of three Persecutors of the Year. The religious freedom advocacy group cited Nigeria’s lack of action to address the deaths of tens of thousands of Christians, the displacement of millions of additional Christians and the government’s failure to persecute the perpetrators of attacks against Christians as the justification for labeling Nigeria a Persecutor of the Year. (Read more.)

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