Saturday, April 1, 2017

Living With Greater Intention

From The Integrated Catholic Life:
Do you ever catch yourself in a moment of candid realization that you have developed bad habits, neglected your faith and created distance between yourself and Christ? This happens to me all too frequently and after realizing I was off course during a recent visit to Eucharistic Adoration, I decided to do something about it. What I needed was to toughen my resistance and develop new “muscles” to fight my patterns of spiritual failure. I committed to introduce more intention into my life and show stronger willpower.

In essence, I committed to break my sinful habits by immediately introducing good or “virtuous” habits after I caught myself going down the wrong path. It has been a struggle at times, but I have slowly been able to see improved patterns of behavior, more focus on authentically living out my Catholic faith and a vast improvement in my relationship with Christ.  A very helpful tool in this endeavor has been the Daily Examen, which I have written about before.  The Examen forces us to stop five times a day to reflect on what is happening in our lives, offer up a brief prayer and make adjustments. (Read more.)

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