Saturday, April 8, 2017

Immaculate Mary

From The Integrated Catholic Life:
It is very simple. Before He was conceived in Mary and born in Bethlehem, He existed from all eternity as Godthe Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. He chose His motherit is as simple as that. But don’t forget, she chose Him also.

But doesn’t that make her unlike every other person? How did she have a choice if He made her that way?

She definitely had a choice. When the angel appeared to her and told her of God’s plan for her, all of creation in a sense, and certainly all of the heavenly hosts, waited with breath held for her answer. She could have said no, but she said yes.  We call that her fiat. Adam and Eve also had a choice.  They were not forced to say no… they chose freely. Their temptation was not so that they would choose sin, but so that their choice of God would be free. Where Eve said no, Mary said yes. Both existed without Original Sin at their moment of decision. No difference! (Read more.)

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