Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mary Lincoln and Marie-Antoinette

Two tragic ladies. To quote:
Lincoln signs her copy of theLife of Marie Antoinette, a marvelous association piece Her signature, "Mary Lincoln," accomplished on the half-title page of Charles Duke Younge, The Life of Marie Antoinette Queen of France (London: Hurst and Blackett, 1877) xvi, 432 pages, 8vo., bound in tooled purple cloth boards with titled spine....Although Mary Lincoln did not meet the same fate as Marie Antoinette, she likely identified with the French queen's plight. Like the guillotined French monarch, her words (whether true or not) and intentions were frequent targets of abuse in the press. Both were viewed as spendthrifts, and while Marie Antoinette's commitment to the welfare of the French people was questioned in her own time ("let them eat cake"), Mary Lincoln's loyalty to the Union (in light of her southern familial ties) was frequently cast into doubt by a hostile press.(Read more.)

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