Friday, April 7, 2017

Glove Etiquette

From Regency Reader:
Question: I am confused about glove etiquette. When did a gentleman remove his gloves? 

Some specific examples from the reader demonstrate what a tangled web is the etiquette of gloves.  You may remember my post a year or so ago about gentlemen’s gloves and some of the contradictory instructions about how when/where men might take off their gloves.  The most unanimous direction was that a gentleman never ate supper in his gloves.

My reader has already read Geri Walton’s excellent primer on glove etiquette and come up with the following questions which may also be a source of confusion for other readers and writers so I would like to walk through them and offer my best approximation of an answer based on research.  Since there were a lot of questions, I split this post in to two parts with part two to arrive next week (so stay tuned).

How often did a gentleman remove only his right glove, and did he then immediately put it back on after, eg, shaking hands? Did men remove their gloves at balls, when dancing? I thought their attire included gloves to cover their perspiration. (Read more.)

More on glove etiquette from Geri Walton, HERE. Share

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