Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Public Announcement, October 1818

Here is the announcement of the ceremonies ordered by Louis XVIII in 1818 to commemorate the death of Queen Marie-Antoinette (via Vive la Reine):
The intention of His Majesty is that October 16th, the sad anniversary of a fateful day, is celebrated with an atoning service. Rather than a funeral service, as in previous years, the last will of Her Majesty Marie Antoinette will be read in buildings devoted to worship. I invite you, Monsieur Mayor, to take on the spot the necessary measures to ensure that, in this coming Friday, public grief is shown in your town through the cessation of entertainments. Receive, Sir, the assurance of my highest consideration.
State Councilor, préfet du Gard, D'argout.

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