Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Abortion Does Not Empower Women

From Live Action:
Society tells us that abortion empowers women. Media personalities, Hollywood celebrities, and pro-choice activists call an act that destroys a living human being a “woman’s right.” We’re told abortion is a personal choice, a private matter, a decision which can bring the promise of a better life. The language of abortion being ‘safe, legal and rare’ has been replaced with the language of  ‘abortion positivity’ and ‘reproductive justice.’ While some may assert that no one is ‘pro-abortion,’ abortion is labeled as a ‘social good,’ — and even the sale of various types of pro-abortion paraphernalia is becoming more common.

As a woman in America, I’m often told supporting women includes accepting their right to legal abortion. In order to belong to the ‘sisterhood,’ I should toe the line and support abortion on demand. Women are fed the message that regardless of morality, the law permits us to decide the fate of children growing inside of us. We either agree with the “my body, my choice” rhetoric or face accusations of hating those who share our gender. If we dare believe in women’s empowerment or feminism without support of abortion, we’re mocked or pressured into silence. (Read more.)

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