Friday, March 31, 2017

Great in Misfortune

Madame Adélaïde de France said of Marie-Antoinette in September, 1793:
How great she is in misfortune! It is not the first time we have seen it, and if all had depended on her! They say her firmness has made such an impression that that is why they have not dared to interrogate her yet and begin her trial. May God deliver her from that: she deserves it.
 "It is not the first time we have seen it...." No doubt the princess was remembering how Marie-Antoinette as a teenager stood up to Madame du Barry. And of course, the Mesdames had witnessed the Queen's courage when the mob broke into Versailles. It is good to know that she had come to appreciate her nephew's wife's good qualities. Share

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