Sunday, April 24, 2016

William the Marshal's Horses

From author Elizabeth Chadwick:
Having been ransomed from his predicament by Eleanor of Aquitaine, William joined the royal household as tutor in chivalry to Henry and Eleanor’s eldest son, The Young King and from that position in society, set out to tourney with a joyous vengeance. ‘Then you would have seen many kinds of banner and flag fall and slide into the mud, and many a horse, both piebald and bay, fleeing riderless over the field. Those most able to take full advantage made gains and captured horses.’ What happened to these horses? The Histoire doesn’t say, but I would make an educated guess that they were either kept, sold on, or ransomed back to their owners. One of the main methods of capturing a knight in the tourney appears to have been by seizing his bridle and dragging him by main force out of the tourney, then forcing him to yield. (Read more.)

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