Friday, April 29, 2016

Container Gardening

From Victoria:
You don’t need a lavish landscape to relish the pleasures of a garden. Whether a fragrant pot of herbs on a balcony or a winsome window box of flowering delights, potted plantings can brighten almost any corner of an outdoor haven. When pondering an alluring focal point for container gardening, think beyond blooms. A simple yet striking trio of tiny conifers takes center stage in this window box, while flowering annuals play supporting roles, enveloping the base of the shrubs in a living carpet of pink and white finery. Vining branches of ivy spill over the box adding a delicate flourish to the verdant vignette.Like a painting, a well-composed container garden blends multiple elements into an artful whole. Paint living portraits with an idyllic palette of plants. (Read more.)

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