Friday, April 22, 2016

A Jew Speaks Out

From J
Each week I navigate the complex intersection of family, religion, community and career, each of which is extremely important to me. The most obvious tension of being a Sabbath observer and having a job with significant responsibility is the simple fact that each week, I am disconnected from work for Shabbat and typically several days at a time during certain months as a result of Jewish holidays. In all instances, Donald Trump has always been extraordinarily respectful of my religious beliefs and requirements. Because of him, my career has never been at odds with my other priorities of family, religion and community. Donald Trump allows me to live up to the values and goals that my wife and I have established for ourselves and our family.

Like so many of you, I attended the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, D.C., in late March. To me, Trump’s speech stood out more than the others for its conviction. He recognizes what Israel stands for, and why it is so important to the United States and to the world. He recognizes that the United States, a country that my wife and I are blessed to live in and raise our children, has an unbreakable friendship with Israel.

Donald Trump will work tirelessly to stem the flow of weapons and funds from Iran to its puppet states and terror organizations, and to stop payments made by Iran and others to terrorists and their families. Trump recognizes that those terror networks are problematic not just to Israel but also to the United States, and he will strive to eradicate Iran’s global terror network.
Donald Trump is deeply passionate about bringing peace to Israel. He recognizes it is one of our time’s most difficult challenges, but believes the time has come finally to achieve this goal. With his skills, talent and perseverance, and with the changing times — including Israel’s formal and informal relationships with many of its Arab neighbors – Trump has the ability and the environment to finally make it happen.

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