Saturday, April 9, 2016

A First Lady

An interview with Mississippi First Lady Deborah Bryant from Southern Lady Magazine:
SL: Tell us a little bit about your early life in Jackson.

DB: I grew up in West Jackson, and we still have ties there. The area that I grew up in was actually a neighborhood that my grandfather developed. He was a doctor and he lived behind the church that we went to my whole life. He donated the land for that church, and my mom still goes to that church. There are a lot of memories there … we were all christened in the Methodist church; Phil and I were married in that church; Phil was baptized in that church. We still go for communion on Christmas Eve to this day.

SL: What are the most dramatic changes in Jackson that you have seen over the years? How would you characterize the city today?

DB: We have got a lot of interest in Jackson right now. We have the Jackson Zoo, and we have the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership—business leaders in the area that really work hard to make improvements to Jackson. We recently had a downtown restoration. It’s coming back slowly but surely. We’ve got the Fondren area, which is a great place for young people, and we have some restaurants around here that are really good. Jackson’s coming back too in that apartments are being built in some of the older buildings—a lot of the people that work downtown are moving into these apartments. (Read more.)


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