Monday, April 11, 2016

Is Trump Pro-Life?

I have a number of broken friendships over this question because I see no reason to disbelieve a person who always speaks his mind, for better or worse. You may not like Trump but don't spread falsehoods about where he now stands. From Breitbart:
Sometime in the intervening 16 years, Trump became fully pro-life. You can say you don’t believe him — just as you might say you don’t believe Cruz has truly changed his mind on amnesty, the wall, or the Trans-Pacific Partnership, etc. But to claim Trump is pro-choice today — present tense — is what’s known as a “lie.” But that’s what Cruz says over and over again, including in a campaign ad — and not one of those “super PAC” ads that count even less than a retweet. A Cruz ad plays the clip from that 1999 interview where Trump says, “I am pro-choice in every respect,” repeats it three times, and then cuts to a narrator proclaiming: “For partial-birth abortion, not a conservative.” These are the kinds of lies that used to drive conservatives crazy when the Clintons did it. Not anymore. All’s fair in smearing Trump. (Read more.)

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