Monday, April 4, 2016

St. Joan Listening to Her Voices

Jehanne Darc speaks with Saint Michael the Archangel, and the virgin martyrs Saints Catherine of Alexandria and Margaret of Antioch, by Diogenes Ulysses Maillart (1840-1926). It seems she also saw the Archangel Gabriel. From the the records of her trial in 1431:
Asked about her revelations, she says, "It lies with our Lord to make revelations to whom He pleases."
"I believe, as firmly as I believe that our Lord Jesus Christ suffered death to redeem us from the pains of Hell, that they are Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel and Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret, whom our Lord send to comfort and counsel me. I shall call on them to help me as long as I live."
Near the end of session, Jehanne says, "That Jesus has failed me I deny. As to the Church militant, I wish to show it all the honor and reverence that I can. As for referring my deeds to the Church militant, I must needs refer them to our Lord, who caused me to do what I have done. I am a good Christian. The offense that you bring against me I have not committed: as for the rest, I refer it to our Lord." (Read more.)

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