Monday, August 9, 2010

This Calls for Wisdom

Barbara Nicolosi shares some excellent insights on TOB. (Via Mary Victrix) To quote:
I find the results of the straining after populism in some TOB speakers to be lacking in reverence, and even crass. As St. Paul said, "Some things should never be mentioned among you." I also like Emily Dickinson here: "They speak of hallowed things aloud, and embarrass my dog."

I would also suggest that the new evangelization doesn't mean finding a populist approach to dogma. My sense of what the Pope meant by the term is that we need to find new forums for the same message.


Julygirl said...

It is my opinion that Catholic intellectualism is more devisive and destructive to achieving personal spirituality than the impact of current societal trends.

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, some of the TOB stuff does more harm than good. The old spiritual masters taught that it is never good to be too preoccupied with one's body.