Thursday, August 19, 2010

Using Kind Words

In an unkind world. Miss Janice says:
"Excuse Me" should be used when politely...
~Interrupting someone
~Telling someone you are leaving
~Getting someone's attention
~Asking someone to move so that you can get past them

Saying "I'm Sorry" is a polite way of expressing sadness and sympathy or apologizing when you have done something wrong.

"May I?" is a polite way to ask permission..."May I take your coat? May I carry your groceries to your car? May I speak with Miss Janice?"

"Please" is a magical word and should be used all the time. When you make a request from someone and add the word "Please," you are showing respect and consideration for another person.

"Thank you" is a word that should be used by all of us...everyday of our lives! "Thank you" is a word that shows respect and appreciation for an act of kindness...from someone opening the door for you to buying you a meal.

"You're Welcome" an appropriate way of responding to a 'thank you.' It's a word that we sometimes forget to use and should be used instead of a response like "No problem!"


EC Gefroh said...

Elena, funny but I was going to blog about this today and now I don't have too. This occurred to me after my husband thanked the salesclerk at Sears and he kept getting a "no problem" response" from the young guy.

elena maria vidal said...

Esther, I live in a college town and that's all they know how to say. I feel like responding: "Well, I'm glad that doing business with me is no problem for you!"

Julygirl said...

How about, "Oh, you guys, no problem!" But at least that is better than a grunt, or having to wait for attention until they finish using their mobile phone.