Saturday, August 28, 2010

Apple Season

Apples and Flowers
by Pierre-August Renoir


by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Apple cobbler, apple-cake,
Apple sauce and apple pie—
No one can resist their taste,
Or pass an apple dumpling by!

Cinnamon and powdered clove,
Grated nutmeg, sugar, crumbs,
Make apple Betty fit for kings,
And sweet as sugar-plums!

Apples by the bushel box—
Everyone can help himself,
Children never beg for sweets,
With apples handy on the shelf.

When Eve put her white hand forth
And picked an apple from a tree,
She helped all housewives’ menus out,
And planned six months’ dessert for me!

(Via Under the Gables)


Alexandra said...

Don't you just love those colors! Thanks for sharing this Renoir.

elena maria vidal said...

You're welcome!

Enbrethiliel said...


Yay! Poetry! =D

This is a very cheerful poem--and I love the twist in the ending. Isn't it lovely that the Resurrection has made it possible for us to smile at even something as tragic as the Fall? A felix culpa, indeed!

Thanks for sharing this, Elena. The painting is beautiful, too. =)

Julygirl said...

Been around for centuries, free for the taking, now you pay $1.50 or more a pound for them.

elena maria vidal said...

Great observation, E.!

Julygirl, I have apple trees in my yard, so I have the opposite problem! ;-)

Mrs. Rudd said...

Oh, yes! Wonderful time - I've got my pots and pie plates and jars at the ready.

"…apple pickles, apple tarts and apple pastry, apple dumplings, not to mention – apple sass!
Apple fritters, light as thistle, and for folks to wet their whistle – tangy apple cider…
Apple pie and apple cake…"

(Some of the many uses for apples, courtesy of Disney's "Johnny Appleseed")

elena maria vidal said...

Now I have lots of ideas!

tubbs said...

Apple appriciation I will save for Fall. Up north here for a few days, and I am soooooo loving the local peaches ( and New Jersey corn and tomatoes ).
ps, Enbrethiliel - LOL, EM has given the apple's 'felix culpa' all new meaning.