Friday, August 27, 2010

Lawrence of Arabia

His secret missions revealed.
The secret missions helped Lt Col Lawrence capture Damascus in 1918 where he became instrumental in setting up an Arab government.

But the flights were so sensitive the RAF were said to have known nothing of them and they remained a secret - eluding depiction in the 1962 Hollywood movie Lawrence of Arabia starring actor Peter O'Toole.

Now details of the flights have emerged in diaries complied by an aircraft mechanic George Hynes who was one of Lawrence's closest aides during the Arab revolts.

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anothertwocents said...

This resplendent painting of TE Lawrence dates from around the time of his participation at the Paris Peace Conference, and thus before he saw the British break practically all the promises Lawrence had made to the Arabs to entice them to rebel against the Turks, their fellow Muslims.

Lawrence came to be so disgusted by British politicians, Churchill included, that he left to live a simple life under an assumed name.