Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bonnie Prince Charlie

The Mad Monarchist describes his tragic life. Sometimes I think it would have been better for Prince Charles Edward Stuart if he had died heroically in battle at Culloden rather than becoming an international drunk. I am going to write a book about him someday. Share


Julygirl said...

I believe God had more in store for him to do, but he did not follow through. Could have changed the history of Great Britain.

MadMonarchist said...

I hope that future book is no idle threat. I would greatly look forward to it. Given your body of work such a book on Prince Charles would be greatly appreciated and I think much needed. So many have tried to romanticize him and later to positively vilify him that the truth scarcely ever gets told.

elena maria vidal said...

It's a book I have been planning and researching for many years but it always ends up getting put on the back shelf. I really need to travel to Scotland and to Rome.