Monday, August 16, 2010

Fighting High Divorce Rates

Marriage is hard work. In the words of Colleen Hammond:
To quote my great-uncle, who had been married for 67 years when his wife died, “Marriage is a sacrament for a reason…we need the grace!”

Grace. Unflinching commitment. The attitude, “No matter what, we will not divorce.” That’s what it takes.
Sure, there will be tough rows-to-hoe in a marriage. But the fact that couples committed to it no matter what (abuse is another story) saves our marriages every time.

So this program to help strengthen communication skills before marriage is admirable. But I suggest reading this series on marriage and courtship first!


Julygirl said...

In my day and the predeeding centuries, young people made connections by attending dances, but it is more difficult nowadays to find a safe venue to meet people. But I do want to add, with respect to men, many want a life with a home and family the same as women do, and not just a stream of loveless sexual liasons.

tubbs said...

My mom and dad have known each other for nearly sixty-nine years, and have been married for sixty-five. (they only dated for three months when he was drafted and sent to war for over three years)
I'm now their general care-giver. When I went in to wake them up this morning, they were SPOONING, as they do every morning! Still madly in love; and JulyGirl, they met at a parish dance.

elena maria vidal said...

That's sweet, Tubbs!

Colleen Hammond said...

That's adorable, Tubbs!!!!