Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Walk on the Beach

by Joaquin Sorolla

It is a perfect day to be at the beach. Share


Anonymous said...

oh for the days when women went to the beach dressed like that!
ps. love your blog.

elena maria vidal said...

Thanks, Cordelia! I agree!! Oh, but I think a white linen dress and a floppy straw hat are still perfect for strolling on the beach in the late afternoon!!

Anonymous said...

I was at the beach recently and was glad for the distraction of the water to compensate for the display of human flesh to which one is subjected. The children are always wonderful though.

Michelle Therese said...

Ooooooh how I wish we could go to the beach! We were just on vacation and it was cold and pouring rain the whole time. We got back two days ago - and now it's raining and cold here hahahaha!! We seem to be rain magnets. GOD BLESS!!

Micki said...

Just found your site (thanks Jeff) and I can't wait to come back to read more. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. May I ask how you do most of pictures, scanning, etc. Especially the "holy cards" which is what I'm mostly concerned with.
Sharp, colorful, beautiful and just puts you right in the middle.
(my email is on my site if you could answer personally at all.)

Anonymous said...

We've stopped the whole "summer must" pool and beachside visits in bathing suits and trunks these last 2 years...It's just happened kind of naturally due to progress in the faith and concerns about moral issues and the sanity of exposing bare flesh to the scorching sun. My goal is to continue enjoying the warmth by being properly attired, and taking advantage of lovely shade, cool breezes and cold beverages. :)

elena maria vidal said...

I think that it is possible to enjoy the healthy environment of the sun and sea without broiling for hours and hours practically naked.

Anonymous said...

Wow - you have really hit on a timely topic here!

We love to go to the beach or community pool but thoughtless people make it nearly impossible for us to be able to enjoy ourselves.

So far this season we (and unfortunately my children) have been subjected to public nudity, 'inadequate' swimwear, profanity, loud discussions regarding crude and sexual matters, drunkenness, smoking, drug use for all to see, public displays of lust that are so 'intense' they belong in the privacy of one's bedroom, and the total disregard of rules (no dogs, no smoking, no drugs, no glass containers, no alcohol).

We have had to call the police several times but they cannot be everywhere at once and they are outnumbered. The total lack of respect or regard for others is very disturbing. Even with our small children present it did not deter their activities.

An observation: these hooligan types tend not to like to get up early as they have been up late the night before partying. We have noticed that the beach and pools get worse as the day goes on. The evening hours are absolutely horrendous. We have still had problems in the morning, but just not as many. Even one of these types around though is enough to disturb the peace.

We have discussed what to do...we don't really know. It is a shame to let unsavory individuals take over common areas and drive away those good and decent people who would enjoy them as intended. But we also have to protect our children's innocence..... and quite frankly, mine as well. I find it unnerving and upsetting to be in the presence of such sinful behavior.

What is a parent to do? I don't want to live in a bubble but it is getting so bad that I don't know how to handle it anymore.

elena maria vidal said...

Situations like this are becoming more and more common. I would just keep going to the pool early in the day.