Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Eldest Daughter of the Church

A reader writes:

Thank you for putting on your site articles about Catholic Kings, Queens and the old aristocracy.

It is important for many reasons but central is that Catholics, as a whole, are WOEFULLY ignorant of their own Catholic history, and are being brainwashed in secular, and even in liberal Catholic schools who say that anything associated with the Catholic Monarchies are bad and evil, which as you know is blatantly false....

It is keenly important that you stick to your guns and keep up your good work; you are doing a spiritual act of mercy: you are admonishing the ignorant.

NOW: as for the revelation about Jesus speaking about the King of France.......of course he did. There is enough clear empirical evidence of Jesus' demonstrations of love and predilection towards France throughout the centuries to warrant the validity of these quotes.

WHAT other nation of this earth in all the histories, of all the peoples, has God raised up a little teenage girl to lead the armies of that nation, in order to have a weak-kneed prince consecrated King? Only France. Then you have to ask yourself why? The why can fill volumes, but bottom-line, France IS the Eldest Daughter of Holy Mother Church and as such she has a keen role to play in the evangelization of the other nations and in the protection of the Church. To all of this she has performed nobly and ignobly throughout the centuries.

I have more to say, but I will leave it here.

I do have a copy of a biography of Madame Louise de Bourbon, which is very enlightening, plus a biography of this little Carmelite Nun, who also makes references to France's mission.

Too the writings of Maistre are also important as well as the great prophecy of Pius X regarding France's eventual re-conversion. When one starts putting all these pieces of the puzzle together you can see that France has always been key in this physical realm of combat that is tied intrinsically to our spiritual combat.

You are fighting the good fight; besides your blog is one of the best online due to it's high caliber of content.

Thank you,


PS: One more thing, the BEST Catholic book that gives the best clear-headed, level and scholarly approach to this whole issue of a possible restoration based upon Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium is a book by Desmond Birch entitled Trial, Tribulation and Triumph, Queenship Publications. The first third is exceptional for its theological critique of historical criticism and the modernist influence in scripture studies for the last 200 years, which is key to understanding the mess we have gotten into. The new book by Benedict XVI touches on this problem as well.


elena maria vidal said...

I have read Desmond Birch's excellent book. It is based on Scripture and approved apparitions and the prophecies of saints. It is right in line with Church teaching.

Desmond said...

I thank you for the kind words about Trial, Tribulation & Triumph. Most of the compliments I receive are on the eschatological theology per se, or the treatement of 'sacred Tradition & sacred Scripture'.

Desmond Birch

elena maria vidal said...

You are welcome, Mr. Birch. I recommend your book to everyone as the best and most solid of the prophetic genre. I will add an Amazon link to this post.