Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Gift of Christian Education

Our Holy Father Pope Benedict recently commented on the priceless gift of a Christian education:

"Educating in the faith is by no means easy. ... [Today] there is talk of an 'educational emergency.'

"We could also say that such an emergency is inevitable. In a society and a culture that too often make relativism their creed, the light of truth slowly disappears and people end up doubting the goodness of life and the validity of the relationships and responsibilities that constitute it."

"Hence," the Pope continued, "education tends to be reduced to the transmission of certain abilities or know how, while seeking to fulfill the new generations' desire for happiness by cramming them with consumer products [that provide only] ephemeral gratification. Thus both parents and teachers are easily tempted to abdicate their educational duties and no longer even understand what their own role, or rather the mission entrusted to them, is.

"The Church's commitment to educate in the faith […] takes on, as never before, the additional value of being a contribution to helping the society in which we live escape from the educational crisis afflicting it." Share

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