Sunday, June 10, 2007

St Columba

The Inn at the End of the World has a post about St. Columba, mentioning the famous prophecy about Ireland and Iona.

There are a few ancient prophecies about Iona. In one, St Columba foresees the devastation of the Reformation and says that Iona will one day be bereft of its monks and be home only to cattle. And, yet, one day it will be as it was.

This one, taken from the website cited above, says that "seven years before the day of judgment the ocean will sweep over both Ireland and Islay. Yet the Isle of St Columba will swim above the waves":

Seachd bliadhna 'n blr'ath
Thig muir air Eirinn re aon tr'ath
'S thar Ile ghuirm ghlais
Ach sn'amhaidh I Choluim Chl'eirich

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