Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sobran on FDR

An article by Joe Sobran on the president who helped to hand eastern Europe over to the Soviets, inflicting oppression, torture and death on entire nations. Via LRC.

I think it is overreaching a bit to say that there is no question of the greatness of the man who gave the world the atomic bomb, made war on civilian populations, befriended Stalin’s Soviet Union, lied flagrantly to the public, vandalized the Constitution, centralized power, illegally put innocent American citizens into concentration camps, debased the currency ... you get the drift. There is in fact some question as to his greatness and always has been. Share


Anonymous said...

Those were difficult times and it is easy to second guess him now just as we do Lincoln. The fact is he led us through some of the most trying times in world history. I get tired of people always debunking Presidents as if they could do a better job. Now the current one.....that is another matter. Why he has not been impeached I do not know!

Anonymous said...

Elena, thank you so much for saying it. He (and others) did handed East-Europe on a silver plate to Stalin. I come from Romania and anyone who read this post should feel free to ask me how it was to live in country where Communism was imposed by brutal force while the West was pretending to not see this rape.