Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Future Belongs to Those Who Love

Rorate Caeli quotes Pope Pius XII:

The future belongs to the faithful, not to the skeptics and the doubtful!

The future belongs to the strong, those who hope and act firmly, not to the timid and the irresolute!

The future belongs to those who love, not to those who hate!

The mission of the Church in the world, far from being finished and theoretical, finds new challenges and new enterprises.

The charge which Providence has given you at this crucial hour is not that of reaching a weak and cowardly peace with the world, but that of establishing a peace for the world which is truly worthy of God and of men.

Beseeching this peace - which mankind cannot reach with its own strength - of divine mercy on this poor, tormented, tortured earth, is a duty which all, Pastors and faithful, must fulfill with ardent fervor, especially in this month dedicated to the Heart of the Divine Redeemer.


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It's what devotion to the Sacred Heart is all about!