Monday, June 11, 2007

Galileo Revisited

The Western Confucian has several links covering the gross anti-Catholic distortions of the Galileo controversy. Share


Anonymous said...

During my sophomore year in college, I took a religious studies class titled The Church. Thanks to Augustinian friar professor who taught the class, I got the record straight on Galileo!
Blasemphy was punishable by the church at the time as I recall.

elena maria vidal said...

Hi, Elisa! In many Catholic countries (and in Protestant ones, too, for that matter)in times long past, blasphemy was punished by the civil law. St Louis King of France had strict laws against blasphemy. Usually, it was not the church who punished people. The Church court might try someone and then hand them over to the secular authorities, if found guilty. Galileo did not blaspheme, as I am sure you are aware, but was censured for disobedience.