Thursday, May 10, 2018


The Daily Mail has pictures of the MetGala. I will not reproduce them here. I will quote Mark Mallet, who said on Facebook:
 When the Catechism speaks of "truth, beauty, and goodness", I'm fairly positive this is not what it had in mind. The vestments of the Catholic Church have an ancient origin from Old Testament times.They are a reflection of the royal priesthood of Jesus Christ who imparts to His Apostles, and their successors, His sacramental authority. Thus, the vestments of the Church are not mere custom, but are intended to point toward the transcendent truths of our faith, most especially, Jesus Christ crucified, both Victim and Priest, who offers himself to us again and again in the Holy Eucharist. To sexualize the vestments, then, is blasphemy, really, an abomination. Truth, beauty, and goodness are a reflection of the Creator, not the fallen angel. It's fairly obvious whose reflection is being glorified here....
And let us remember that God is not mocked.

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