Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tea-time Traditions Now

Under the Gables has a lovely post about tea-parties. Share


Marissa said...


I've been a tea drinker for years, but I've never been to or thrown a tea party . . . :(

I usually drink my tea while reading alone in my room. Nobody shares my ginger snaps except my sister's puppy. What a lot I've missed out on!

alaughland said...

Everyone I know would love to revive it, but in this country it is work, work, work. No time is taken to stop and smell the roses.

Marissa said...



That reminds me of an anecdote familiar to fans of the movie Aliens. James Cameron filmed this movie in England, with American actors, but an English crew. In the middle of the first full day of shooting, the crew suddenly stopped working. It was tea time, you see. As frustrated as Cameron (and his producers) were this unforeseen development, which certainly put a crimp in their filming schedule, they were up against centuries of tradition. The crew got to keep their afternoon tea time. :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to have lady friends over for tea but they are either working or not interested in such 'girly stuff'.

So, I'll have tea with my children and enjoy their sweet company! :) Some fruity herbal tea, sandwiches and cookies would be great. I think they'd love it. They are just old enough now that I think they could sit and 'take tea' for a few minutes. A great opportunity to teach manners and decorum, too.

Lucille said...

I don't know who I would be able to get to come over midday, but I definitely like to have friends and neighbors over for dinner.