Thursday, February 22, 2024

Devizes Castle

 From Exploring GB:

It was previously in royal ownership for 500 years and it was owned by generations of royals. Famously, it was owned by Henry VIII, who gifted it to his wife Catherine of Aragon and then reclaimed it after their divorce. It was also used as a prison by Henry II and Henry III. The property recently went on the market with Savills, a national estate agent, for £3.25 million. Devizes Castle took its name from the Medieval Latin castrum ad divisas, meaning ‘the castle at the boundaries’, because it stood at the central point of three Manors. Many records state that the first castle was built on the site by Bishop Osmund of Salisbury in approximately 1080. It was burnt down and re-built in stone during the reign of King Henry I. From this point onwards, the Castle became a popular residence for the Monarchy and described as ‘the most gorgeous in Christendom’. (Read more.)



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