Saturday, February 24, 2024

A Georgian Country House

From House and Garden:

In a village? On the outskirts? Or total isolation? How near are the schools? How far from London?’ This litany of questions must be familiar to many Londoners looking for a home in the country. It took three years for the owner of this Georgian house in a peaceful part of Hampshire to find her ideal place. Built on the side of a gentle hill, it looks down over meadows to its sister hill opposite, which is crowned with a wood. When it came to finding the ideal interior designer, however, the owner did not need to search far. Henriette von Stockhausen, of VSP Interiors, has helped her with houses in London and Switzerland over the past 18 years – they work well together.

The house, as the owner found it, was in need of some updating, and there had been various additions tacked on over the years. Adam Architecture was first called in to replace these with a handsome extension to match the rest of the house. The ground floor of this huge new space is taken up by a breakfast room and kitchen, the design of which was a collaborative effort involving Henriette, the owner and bespoke specialists Artichoke, who made it. (Read more.)



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