Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Thinking Free

 From Intellectual Takeout:

We see this anger daily among those who wish to command our lives. Outfits like Facebook and Twitter banish certain points of view from their platforms, labeling them as dangerous or as “hate speech.” Some on the left want to shut down or censor organizations such as Fox News or Newsmax simply because some of their reporting and editorials address the lies and distortions of politicians. It angers them, too, when we “keep on thinking free,” living our lives and practicing our faith and beliefs outside of their control.

Unfortunately for these who would be our masters, more and more people are waking up to what their keepers intend for them. They see the spider’s web being woven—what we today would call the matrix—and they understand the motives behind such post-modern ideas as “systemic racism,” cancel culture, and deconstruction. They see how these notions, when put into action, damage our schools, threaten free speech, increase crime and violence in our cities, and deliberately aim at creating groupings based on skin pigmentation, promoting division rather than unity.

In his first five weeks in the White House, Joe Biden issued a combination of more than 60 executive orders, directives, and memorandum. Simply from the sheer volume of these missives, we know that the president had little or no hand in writing them, and we are left to wonder whether he even read them or knew what he was signing.

But some of us have our eyes open, and we see what they are doing.

Let’s keep them riled by “thinking free” and helping others to do the same. (Read more.)


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julygirl said...

More and more will come under their control especially since our constitutional choice at the polls has become null and void with the manipulation of the votes.