Monday, March 1, 2021

Can Yale Be Saved?

From The Stream:

On Wednesday night I took part in a fruitful but profoundly alarming discussion. In an online livestream, I joined three other Yalies: best-selling Christian author Eric Metaxas; dogged and much-abused Christian scholar Robert Oscar Lopez; and Yale ’19 survivor conservative Declan Kunkel. The topic: Can Yale and schools like it be saved? Also: Can attending them lose you your soul?

The occasion? A petition circulating among Harvard students to revoke the diplomas of known Trump supporters. That’s right. These thin-skinned little Stalinists think they can get away with that. In a world where lawyers are trying to get Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley disbarred, it’s best to laugh nothing off as impossible.

Before 2020, if I told you what would happen at Twitter, then happen to Parler, would you have believed me? So don’t console yourself by scoffing. We’re in the midst of a great Awokening. Of mass conversions to a new and false religion. This creed steals what morals it has from the Christian Civil Rights Movement. But it splices them into its own nihilist, Darwinist DNA.

The Frankenstein monster resulting is neither slow, sluggish nor stupid. In fact, it’s busily conquering every bastion in the West, from the sniffy heights of Harvard to the crowded shelves at Kohl’s, even pausing to castrate Mr. Potato Head. (Though it looks like the spud may have been given a temporary reprieve.)

This religion of the antichrist has swamped the Vatican, the EU, the UN, and the US Catholic bishops. Even now it is trying to conquer evangelical colleges and seminaries — in the sheep’s clothing of “critical race theory,” i.e., Marxism in blackface and stubbly, bad drag. (Read more.)


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