Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Moral Law is Not a Burden

From The Catholic Thing:
It is eminently merciful to preach the whole truth and to require that the faithful abide by God’s moral law and the canon laws of the Church: “The moral law is the work of divine wisdom and leads man to the promised blessedness.”(CCC 1950) Consequently, the “knowledge of the divine and natural law is necessary” to do good and reach this goal. (CCC 1955): “The moral law is not a burden, but part of that liberating truth (cf. Jn 8:32) through which the Christian walks on the path of salvation and which may not be relativized.” 
Mueller further reminds us that “[t]he Church is not a man-made association whose structure its members voted into being at their will. It is of divine origin.” It is “Christ himself [who] is the author of ministry in the Church. He set her up, gave her authority and mission, orientation and goal (CCC 874).” Bishops are ambassadors entrusted with a message not of their own making. They must not distort that message. 
Mueller’s strongest point in the Manifesto is the reminder that the true mission of the Church is the salvation of souls. The reality of Hell and eternal damnation for souls who die in mortal sin is something that we rarely hear about from the pulpit. The impression many shepherds give today is that they worry a lot about trying to perfect the social order in this world, and very little about the loss of souls in the next. (Read more.)

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