Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Children of Venezuela

From The Daily Mail:
Pity the children. Starving to death, dying of curable diseases, sold to sexual predators or simply abandoned, youngsters are paying a terrible price for Venezuela's failed socialist experiment. More than one in seven children are currently suffering from malnutrition as their hard-working parents' salaries no longer cover the soaring cost of everyday living. Common curable diseases – measles, diphtheria, and rotavirus diarrhea – which had been almost eradicated from the oil-rich state are now killing children in huge numbers. Pneumonia is picking off those too weak to fight. Desperate mothers are selling their daughters' young bodies for sex to buy food. Other poverty-stricken parents abandoned their children in the street to fight for themselves.

 'Venezuela was once the richest country in Latin America,' Dr Huniades Urbina, a director of Caracas' main children's hospital, told MailOnline.'Patients would come to Caracas because we could provide the best care in the region. Now we can't even feed the patients.' (Read more.)

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