Friday, February 8, 2019

Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets

A guest post from author Helen R. Davis on the Trianon Health and Beauty Blog:
Cleopatra VII, famed queen of the Nile, is best known for her legendary life. Her snakes, her lovers, her perfumes, her wiles... But most of what we think we 'know' about Cleopatra has been written down by her enemies, who, in conquering her kingdom, blackened her reputation. Another thing is she lived more than 2000 years ago. So—how can we know anything meaningful about her? Unlike Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth I, or Isabella, she is lost forever- right? Again, not so. This post will focus on her beauty routine. Elizabeth I was famous for makeup that probably killed her. Cleopatra's makeup, just as legendary, was both a form of protection and likely enhanced her looks. We will probably never know what she looked like. But we do know some of her formulas, including her daily beauty routine that has been passed down. Cleopatra VII bathed in donkey's milk daily, and often scented it with lavender and rose, both available in the Marie Antoinette Midnight Bouquet. Lavender is a sort of 'Swiss Army Knife' scent for aromatherapy, helping with anything from sleep to cuts. Rose is an aphrodisiac, and Cleopatra once gave a banquet to Marc Antony in rose petals one foot deep. Rose's other uses help with calming jealousy and rage and in keeping skin youthful. (Read more.)

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