Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Destructiveness of Identity Politics

From Intellectual Takeout:
That was not the only time that the privilege concept was forced upon us. Picture being called to an obligatory assembly. You did not know the subject matter prior to attending. As you sit down in your seat, you notice there is a panel of guests sitting on the stage. The lights go down and the topic of the assembly is introduced. The theme is now specifically “white privilege.” Over the next 45 minutes, my white classmates and I learned that what we had accomplished throughout our short lives was tainted because of the “fortunate” color of our skin. According to the speakers, we were hurting those around us without even knowing it. It was now our responsibility to rectify that. Never had I viewed people in this way. That the color of our skin really separated us this much. The administrators knew that they had a captive audience and used that opportunity to their advantage. They presented this topic as fact. I am glad that before this assembly, I never considered that I was greater than anyone due to the color of my skin. It sickened me that anyone would believe that the color of my skin puts me on a greater level than others.
As mentioned in the speech, on the first day of senior year, each student in every class was required to introduce themselves with their name and their preferred gender pronouns. An issue was created over a problem that never existed. It would have been frowned upon for not taking part in this charade. Again, the administration knew that they had power over us, and they foisted their agenda with the knowledge that there would be no repercussions.
These specific events, along with many others, tipped me over the edge. I understood that nobody, parents nor students, no matter how furious they were, was going to do anything to challenge the indoctrination. I was granted the perfect opportunity through the senior speech project, and I utilized it. (Read more.)

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