Monday, February 4, 2019

Bigoted Bills Disguised As ‘Anti-Discrimination’

From The Federalist:
The 86th Texas legislative session got underway a few weeks ago, and liberals are already going on the offense in the traditional conservative stronghold. Left-leaning legislators have formed Texas’ first LGBTQ caucus while promising a “transformative” agenda. This includes a number of proposed “sexual orientation and gender identity” laws (SOGI) that would attack people of faith so aggressively that they can justifiably be described as “Ban the Bible” bills. 
“Ban the Bible” doesn’t have to mean confiscating physical Bibles. LGBT activists aren’t that obvious with their intentions (yet). But it does mean something even worse: stripping Texans of their right to practice biblical teachings in their day to day lives.

These bills would create new government power and protections that ban the free expression of biblically grounded beliefs, especially teaching on marriage and sexuality. Numerous bills seek to force people of faith to conform to others’ personal and political activities, while setting aside their own sincerely held religious beliefs. Those who do not comply will face fines, possible jail time, or other criminal charges. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

If this sort of mentality grows, this country is doomed. Might as well blow up Lady Liberty.